Beetle Spins, the “Catch-All” Lure

Whenever I fish natural lakes, from spring, through summer and into fall, I pick up and try a Johnson Beetle Spin. Why? Simple – walleyes relate to weeds, and that’s when a Beetle Spin produces best – for me.

Total Solutions Technique

This is an old-fashioned lure, one I have been using since I was 10. But, it still works very well. When weed growth starts, baitfish show up, and walleyes begin cruising these emerging weed areas. Later, when coontail and cabbage grows taller, I cast and retrieve at the bases of the weeds, but above any secondary weed growth.

It’s amazing how aggressive the walleyes and white bass, smallies, largemouth, pike, crappies and bluegills become when a Beetle Spin snakes through the weeds. It’s a smaller presentation and fishes from a foot of water down to about 8-feet. A steady retrieve is best. Just tick the weed tops. If a walleye nips the tail, with a slight tick, keep reeling or pause a split-second then start reeling. The next thing you usually feel is a heavy weight, which means the fish has sucked in the entire Beetle Spin.

Total Solutions Equipment

For casting and pulling walleyes out of the weeds, I use a 6 ½ or 7 foot Berkley Heritage  medium-heavy spinning rod  with an Abu Garcia REVO SX spinning reel. I spool up with 10-pound FireLine and tie directly to the Beetle Spin. I also cast these lures against rip rap or current breaks on rocky points to save me from losing jigs on every cast.

In the springtime shallows, I use a 1/8th ounce Beetle Spin; later, when fishing deeper weeds, I go to the 1/4th ounce model. FireLine lets me snap any weeds off and continue the retrieve. Oftentimes, I tip the jig with a Berkley PowerBait Grub when the original grub gets chewed up. It’s also easy to change the jig when necessary. It’s the best lure on the market for less than $1.50.

Berkley® Heritage® Spinning Rod

Abu Garcia® REVO SX Series

Berkley® FireLine®

Johnson® Beetle Spin®

Berkley® 3″ Power Grubs®


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