Go Stealthy for Ice Fishing Spooky Walleyes

It is well known that when targeting walleyes through the ice, they become more sluggish during mid-day and are feeding more heavily during prime windows (like early and late in the day). But, like anything in the natural world, place a tempting morsel in front of their yaps can get you bit. So, to maximize your presence during the non-prime feeding times, go small with your offerings to give a walleye a morsel it cannot refuse. Rig up with ice-jigging rods that you would more likely consider using for Pan Fish, then think the same in-regards to tackle (go small!). #10 to #12 size jigs, dropper presentations and anything else small enough to be considered a walleye snack, not a meal.

A  Berkley Gulp! Minnow rigged on a variety of small horizontal ice fishing jigs has been my go to for these finicky daytime walleyes. Rig your reel with Berkley FireLine Crystal Micro Ice in 6lb test main line, but then add a two foot section of Berkley Vanish Leader Material in 4lb test using blood knot for the stealth factor.