Rod Set Up for Live Minnows in Cold Water

Pick the Correct Line for Casting Crank Baits

What equipment to use for Shivering Lake Trout

Equipment to use While Using a Drop Shot for Walleyes

Order Up! Walleye in the Salad

Using the right Equipment for Early Season Jigging on Lake Sakakawea

What Line to Choose for Casting Shiver Minnows on the Great Lakes

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Albright Knot -updated

Substitute GULP! Goby for Willow Cats on the Mississippi!

Importance of Leaders on Your Glidebaits

Fishing Tip: Equipment for Casting Crankbaits

Mid Winter Walleye Fishing Equipment

Fishing Tip: Connecting Main Line to Leader

How to Cast Johnson Thinfisher

I am new to trolling and in need of tips with line, boards, dipsy and lures.

Fishing line shelf life?

Will the slow death technique work with berkley power bait?

When is it better to use fluorocarbon leaders rather than wire leaders?

What size ice rod and pound test line do you use to ice fish for walleyes?

What’s the best line to use for pitching jigs?

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Fluorcarbon Line for Walleye Spinners

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