Fluorcarbon Line for Walleye Spinners

A couple of years ago I started using Fluorocarbon line to tie up my walleye spinner harnesses because Fluorocarbon has the same light index as water, meaning that is was virtually invisible under water. The main reason I use it for spinners is, because it is so invisible, instead of using a line like Berkley Trilene 10 pound test XT like I use to use, I can now switch up to 14 or even 17 pound test Berkley Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon Professional Grade line. It’s great using the larger pound test Fluorocarbon because it makes the spinners more durable, it makes it harder for fish to break off, and the rigs will last longer than ones tied on lighter line. So by using Fluorocarbon, you can increase the line test you use and end up with a much better spinner.

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