How do you approach prefishing for a tournament on a reservoir, oahe or sakakawea,for instance?

How fast do you pull a bottom bouncer and spinner when fishing on structure?

After a severe cold front and fish are in a funk in a lake environment what do you usually resort to and why?

I just got my first boat – where do I go from here to start catching walleyes?

Fluorcarbon Line for Walleye Spinners

Vibration is the Key to Successful Walleye Spinners

Edging Into a Good Walleye Bite!


The Deadliest Lure


Accessorize for Better Walleye Fishing

The top tray in muskie savage Ted Burrow’s tackle box is laden with hot new Boobie Trap inline spinners.

A New Muskie “Trap”

Things to Think about while Wishing for Walleyes

Walleye Spinner Setup Pieces – The Next Bite – Season 5 – The Real Deal

Fish Weights – The Next Bite – Season 5 – Hot Topics

A “Windy” Walleye Game Plan

Chase Parsons Fishing Seminar – Mustad Spinner Setup – The Next Bite

Spinning Into a New Walleye Season

Shallow Water Spinner Trolling


Hooks for Open Water Spinners

Bottom Bouncers and Spinners

Bottom Bouncing Spinners

Great Lakes Trolling

Open Water Spinners

Open Water Spinner Setup – The Next Bite – The Real Deal – Season 4

Zebra Muscles and Spinner Tying – The Next Bite – Site Bites – Season 3

Walleyes in Transition

Reading the Cards

Blade Your Way to Mid Summer Eyes

Walleye Spinners 101

Good Vibrations

Walleye Fishing’s All-Time Money Winner – The Bottom Bouncer

Putting A Spin On Open Water Walleyes

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