After a severe cold front and fish are in a funk in a lake environment what do you usually resort to and why?

Cold fronts or even changing weather patterns can affect walleyes. This is particularly true in the spring when the metabolism of the fish is still low so they don’t necessarily have to eat every day. When fishing does get “funky”, the first thing I do is spend more time in “key” locations. I try not to run around all over the lake, but instead focus on spots where I am marking fish or places that are traditionally good at holding fish.

Next, I slow down. If I was catching fish with cranks I might switch from a higher action crank to a subtle or moderate action crankbait. If that doesn’t work I slow down and use spinners or maybe just live bait behind a bottom bouncer. This slow down process continues through jigging, rigging and even, at times, all the way down to throwing out a slip bobber. What I am looking for is the most aggressive technique that I can get away with. This allows me to cover the spots as quickly as possible even in tough conditions.