Go Vertical for Spring Walleyes with Artificial Baits

Spring Time Cranking

Float from a Boat

Fired-Up for Fall Walleyes

Walleyes on Deep Rock Structure

Trolling Cranks for Suspended Summer Walleyes

Slip Bobbering

Fluorcarbon Line for Walleye Spinners

Open Water Cranking for Summer Walleyes

Vibration is the Key to Successful Walleye Spinners

Tips for Taking Better Fish Photos


Match the Hatch Trolling for Early Season Walleyes

For 22 Years Kavajecz has been Talking Fishing with local 4th Graders

Tips for Shallow Water Trolling Early Season Walleyes

Aggressive Pitching to River Walleyes

Artificial Tails for Cold River Walleyes

Triggering Finicky Winter-Ice Walleyes

Stay Invisible for Winter Walleyes

Jigging Fall River Walleyes

Total Solutions – Late Fall River Walleyes

Locating Fall Walleyes on Big Water


Kavajecz Casts to a Win at NWT Escanaba

Jig Trolling

Pitching Jigs for Walleyes


Crank It Up for Deep Walleyes

A Pitch for Weed Walleyes


A Pro’s Lesson on Netting

Casting Cranks Along Riprap


I’m Watching You

Lake of the Woods is HOT!

Total Solutions Video – Slip Bobbering Walleyes


Time for a River Walleye Bite!


Scanning New Horizons

Weighing Your Options for Better Walleye Fishing


Total Solutions Video – Berkley FireLine for Jigging Walleyes

Warm Water Tactics for Cool Water Walleyes

Cranking It Up for a New Walleye Season


Spot-On Late Summer Walleyes

A “Windy” Walleye Game Plan

It’s All About the Action

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