Tips for Taking Better Fish Photos

As anglers, we are always hoping that the Next Bite will be that trophy of a lifetime. And if it is, we certainly want a great photo to capture the moment for posterity. Great photos don’t just happen however … they take a little thought and preparation. Here are some key tips to takinig better fish photos:

* The Photographer should have sun at his/her back and slightly off to one side for best lighting of subject.

* Frame shot so to keep horizon straight and background uncluttered.

* Even in sunlight, use fill-flash if possible … it helps eliminate shadows, especially on the angler’s face (under his fishing cap).

* When using a digital camera, use the highest resolution possible to ensure the photo is large enough to print and share digitally.

* Focus, focus, focus! More great fish photos are ruined by simply not being in focus. Once your subject is in focus, keep the camera steady as you take the photo. Using a tripod or steadying the camers in a similar fashion can often make this much easier.

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