Match the Hook to the Bait for Live Bait Rigging

When livebait rigging for walleyes it is critical to use a hook that is the right tool for the bait choice. When rigging leeches make sure to use size 6 or 8 hooks. Anything larger will tend to become a leech anchor. Freedom of movement is critical with leeches and 6‰’s and 8‰’s work best. Nightcrawlers work best on 4‰’s. Minnows require some variability in hooks size. Make sure that the gap of the hook is wider than the choice of minnow. This will ensure that a hook point is exposed when a walleye clamps down on your offering. For smaller minnows 4‰’s will do the trick. Larger fatheads and small chubs should be rigged on 2‰’s. If you go with larger Creek, Redtail, or Sucker chubs don‰’t be afraid to use 1‰’s or 1/0‰’s. One final note on hooks for livebait. Make sure to use a light hook like Mustad‰’s live bait hook. The lighter hooks will allow you bait more freedom to swim and therefore attract more strikes.