Try adding a Little Night Crawler piece On Your Crankbait.

Crawler Harness Components

How to Pitch a Jig

Rod and Tackle to Try when Fishing Walleyes in Weeds.

Use a Mix of Fishing Lures While Vertical and Casting To Find Active Fish

Targeting Late Fall Transition Sauger

Add a Minnow to Bait in Fall to Catch More Sauger

Setting up Tip Ups with Big Sucker Minnows for Great Lake Walleyes

What Structure to Look For Late Fall Muskies

Rigging Big Minnows for Walleyes

Fishing Tip: Equipment for Rigging Big Minnows

Cadence for Early Ice Lake Gogebic Walleyes

Keith Kavajecz Mustad Stinger Hooks

Is using split-shot weights normally the standard in trolling crawler harnesses?

I have some questions about trolling crawler harnesses.

How can I prevent my crawler harness’s from twisting up when trolling them?

What size triple grip hooks to use on harnesses?

Do you use colored hooks on your nightcrawler harnesses?

Is snell length critical when pulling crawler harnesses in open water?

When do you decide between live bait (minnows) and berkley gulp minnows?

How, if at all, does turn-over affect the walleyes?

What length and action of spinning rod and what line is best for live bait rigging walleyes?

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Chub Rigging for Deep Summer Walleyes


Tip Your Jig with Two Minnows

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Improving Your Ice Fishing Odds


Late Fall Walleyes; Rigging vs Jigging


Top Patterns for Fall Walleyes

“Spotty” Late Summer Walleyes

The Versatile Spinner/Crawler Harness Flicker Rigs – Season #8 – The Real Deal

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