What size triple grip hooks to use on harnesses?

I assume we are talking about tying up an open water spinner. Probably 90% of the time I tie a single hook (for the nose of the crawler) and then a treble for the stinger part of the snell. When I am fishing for big walleyes (Lake Erie, Saginaw, etc) I use a 1/0 Mustad “Big Red” beak hook and a #4 Triple Grip. Both hooks have Ultra Point technology so they don’t dull easily (which is important around rocks or zebra muscles). For smaller walleyes, use a #2 Big Red and a #6 Triple Grip. I tie my harnesses with 17lb Vanish – this fluorocarbon line is nearly invisible in the water so I can get away with the larger line diameters (and therefore don’t have to re-tie as much).

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