Tip Your Jig with Two Minnows

A jig and a minnow is the classic approach for walleyes. On heavily pressured waters, it often pays to stray from standard presentations. But there are circumstances when a jig and minnow is simply the best option for ‰eyes. A great way to vary this classic approach just a bit and make it even more effective is tipping your jig with two minnows.

Tipping your jig with two minnows provides a slightly bigger target for walleyes to hone in on. Twice the minnows also means double the action – instead of one tail flipping around you‰’ve got two. The combo can be enough to trigger larger, lethargic walleyes into biting.

It‰’s also a subtle way to set your presentation apart from others on heavily pressured waters. On popular walleye fisheries like the Missouri and St. Croix rivers I often double tip my jig and drastically out catch a surrounding cluster of boats. Tipping your jig with two minnows makes a classic approach even better.

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