Rigging Tips for Your Fiberglass Boat

As anglers, it seems we are always adding accessories to our boats from time to time. drilling into a fiberglass boat can cause some anxiety, but a few simple procedures will make the installation a success.

One common example is the installation of a transducer on the transom of a rig. First one must determine the position of the transducer and location, then the holes are marked and drilled. IOn fiberglass however, a series of two holes should be drilled. Yes, two … one with a smaller drill bit which will then act as a pilot hole allowing for the second bite to pass thru with ease. Why the pilot bit you might ask? The pilot bit eliminates any gel coat cracking at the perimeter of the hole. The last and final step is the addition of a high quality marine silicone in the drilled holes and on the fasteners threads offering a watertight seal.

The same procedure is used for mounting other accessories such as rod holders, electronics, or anything that requires drilliing into the fiberglass.