Speed Troll as You Approach a Primary Spot

Efficiency is the name of the game for muskies on large bodies of water. That‰’s why speed trolling as you approach a primary spot makes sense. The opportunity cost is virtually nothing – you don‰’t want to be going too fast too near to the spot anyway for fear of spooking the fish. So have a couple of rods accessible with lures that troll well at fast speeds. When you‰’re zipping to that main reef you‰’re planning on working, slow down several hundred yards earlier than you normally would and throw a few lines out. Large muskies often hold deeper off obvious points, especially on heavily pressured lakes. It‰’s incredible how many fish you can catch just on your way to a spot. And when you do bump into an Esox this way, it‰’s an indication of fish behavior – they‰’re hitting aggressive presentations.

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