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Few Bait Options to Try When Fish Walleyes on Shallow Rocks

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Chippewa Flowage Jigging Equipment

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Spinner rigs options and tackle

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Casting Crankbaits and Varying your Retrieve

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Paddle Tail Choices for Lake Trout

Korey Sprengel Line Choice For Trolling

Glue On Your PowerBait For Lake Trout

Fox Lake Flicker Shad Colors

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Modifying Plastics Fishing Lures

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Gary Parsons Talks about Berkley Hair Jigs

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Berkley Swimbaits for Walleyes

Berkley Snap Jigs and Champ Swimmers for BIG Walleyes

Progress your Crankbait Aggression as the Fishing Seasons Change

Change up your Trolling Technique to Increase Catch of Night Time Walleyes

The Correct Equipment for Pitching Jigs and Casting Shiver Minnows

A Look Back in Time at Baits

Keith Kavajecz Jigging Cadence on the Detroit River

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