Bass Pro Shops Prodigy Trolling Rods Review

Bass Pro Shops Prodigy Spinning Rods Review

Keith Kavajecz explains Bass Pro Shops Walleye Angler Series Trolling Rods.

Bass Pro Shops Walleye Angler Rods

Fishing Tip Bass Pro Shops Walleye Angler Series Rods S11E11

Proper Equipment for Casting Jigs at Walleyes in the Sand

Season 16 Episode 11: Trolling Bass Crank and Swim Baits for Walleye

Will my heavy action bass tackle work for muskie fishing?

What’s the best procedure for deploying a trolling set-up when using a weighting system and boards?


Improving Your Ice Fishing Odds

Bass Pro Walleye Trolling Rods – The Next Bite – Season 5 – Hot Topics

Bass Pro XPS Holographic Blades – The Next Bite – Hot Topics – Season 4

Bio-Tommy Kemos

Walleyes, Rivers, and Big Smiles! Find em, Catch em!

Season 16 Episode 5: Casting Deep Water with Hair Jigs for Big, Spring Great Lakes Walleye

Season 16 Episode 5 Preview: Casting Deep Water with Hair Jigs for Big, Spring Great Lakes Walleye

Lead Core Feel

Go Vertical for Spring Walleyes with Artificial Baits

Structured Success!

Bottom Bouncers, Old and New

Trolling Drives Jigging

Spring Time Cranking

Spawn Time March Madness

Fired-Up for Fall Walleyes

Fishing Tip: Shiver Minnow Equipment

PREVIEW: Giant Walleyes of the Great Lakes | Season 15 Episode 5

Pitchin’ Big Pounders for Muskie

It’s Time for Cranks!

Warm Water Walleyes

Tour Wonders of Wildlife with TNB

Keith Kavajecz Jig Set for Walleye Fishing

Transitioning Tactics for Transitioning Seasons

Move Out To Jig Pigs

Icing Prime Time Walleyes

Santa Comes to Shanty Town

Is there a way to effectively troll when covering various depths?

Fishing line shelf life?

What characteristics make a good spinning rod and reel outfit for walleye fishing?

What are the best baitcasting outfits for walleye fishing?

What would be a good trolling rod and reel combo for catching both walleye and salmon?

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