Are crankbaits ever tipped with bait?


Often when fishing open water with cranks, I put a small chunk of crawler on the middle treble hook. This chunk of crawler can be live or about 1/3 of a Gulp 6 inch Night Crawler.

I typically only add crawlers to diving baits and typically only to ones that are fairly short bodies. I think the crawler not only adds scent to the presentation, but actually gives the bait a bigger profile. Because the crawler will add drag to the crank, only cranks that run very true can handle a crawler.

When putting the crawler on the treble, I look at the treble to determine which of the 3 hooks points straight forward or straight back and then just pluck the very end of the crawler on that hook – leaving the cut end of the crawler to dangle under the crank. By picking this hook, the crawler will not throw the action of the bait off to the side.


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