Choose the Right Crankabit Hooks when Trolling with No-Stretch Line

Today‰’s low stretch superlines like Berkley Fireline have some tremendous benefits to walleyes anglers fishing crankbaits. Specifically the low diameter of these lines will allow cranks to dive deeper with the same amount of line out as traditional monofilament. While the lines do have a significant upside the low stretch properties can result in lost fish do to excessive wear on the fish’s mouth during the fight. A solution is available in the form of inward bend treble hooks like Mustad‰’s Triple Grip treble hook. Traditional treble hooks evolved over the years with monofilament line in mind. Stretchy mono demands open gaps that get something on the fish at distance. Usually a hookset or additional pressure drives the hook home. In contrast, low stretch superlines have instant hookup and the focus shifts to keep the fish on until it gets to the boat. The inward bend of the Triple Grip accomplishes that goal. Switching over to inward bend trebles on crankbaits when using superlines will increase your odds of handling fish all the way to the boat.