During practice before a tournament how much do you reply on the camera to eliminate fish species?

I probably use a camera as much or more than anyone on the circuit. Often I use it teamed up with my electronics. When searching, I simple let out the camera (often a long way behind the boat) and watch my Lowrance unit. When something comes on the screen I don’t recognize I simple wait a few seconds and my camera will pass over it giving me a visual. In this way I learn how to read my fish finder even better.

Second, if I am marking lots of fish, often I will drop down a camera to see what the fish are. I have been able to skip lots of schools of carp the last few years. Schools that showed up as great marks on my depth finder – fish I would have in the past fished to try to identify – I can now quickly identify with a camera.

When looking at a camera:
1) Get infra red lighting – the tips of a walleye and it’s eye’s will glow – an easy indicator. Do not pay extra for Green or Red or White lights.
2) I like units with a “Green Screen”. Basically instead of a Black and White monitor it is Green and White. It give much better contrast and you will see it better in the sunlight.
3) Buy a good case (or hopefully a good case is included). One nice thing about Atlantis cameras is that they come with a padded waterproof case. This allows me to carry the camera all the time without breakage worries. But when I want to use it, in a matter of 60 seconds I am viewing the underwater world of walleyes.

Good Walleye Fishing

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