How do you find fish on a new body of water?

his is a good question that really pertains to anyone going on a fishing trip to a location they have never been. There are several things that I will try to do to gather information before hitting the water in order to up my odds once I get there.

Good sources of information include local fisheries biologists, bait shop owners, the Internet, and other anglers. By making use of these sources before you even hit the road with trailer in tow you can have a good idea of what the bite might be like when you get there.

When you do arrive, stop in at the bait shop and ask some more questions. Patronize the owner as they seem to be a little more willing to help you out that way. Before you leave make a mental note of what baits were available at the bait shop. For example, if all they have for sale are minnows but no crawlers or leeches it is a pretty good indication that minnows get the nod on that system. Same thing with crankbaits or other terminal tackle. If you notice that everything in stock seems to have green in it, green might be the best color.

The last really good source of information comes at the boat ramp. Arrive with a smile and ask questions. Most anglers are willing to help a fellow angler out. Check out the boats as they come out of the water. If everyone has a purple crankbait tied on, that’s a hint.

In general gather as much info as you can before hitting the water. Try to find the hot depth, the right color, and the general location of the best bite. It will take a lot of the guess work out of the process of finding fish.

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