How to set-up tip-ups for walleyes


Tip-Ups are still a crucial tool for the mobile ice angler. When we rig our tip-ups we will typically spool them up with 30 to 40 pound test Berkley FireLine Braid or Berkley Gorilla Tough in 50 pound test (which makes handling the line in cold temps a breeze) tipped with ten to fifteen feet of leader material. A six to eight pound test mono like Berkley XT is popular, but under the ice, the water can become extremely clear, so a leader material like Berkley’s Vanish Fluorocarbon can be an advantage. The fluorocarbon is virtually invisible under water, making stealthy presentations possible … an important factor when dealing with finicky walleyes. On the business end, we’ll tie on a #8 light-wire treble hook like Mustad’s Ultra Point Triple Grip Treble, and weight that with a medium sized split-shot set ten to twelve inches up the line. Bait the hook with a lively medium sized minnow and you’re in business.

Keith Kavajecz