I am interested in what type, size, blade, color of spinnerbait to purchase for larger northerns.

Spinnerbaits are a great bait for big pike. I use sizes ranging from a half ounce on up. This is mostly because I can cast them futher than lighter ones and I like to cover lots of water when possible. For the “safety pin” type, I almost always use willow leaf models as I’m of the belief that they not only have more flash, but enough vibration to do the job.Don’t overlook the Mepps type of spinners either. We’ve caught a boatload of huge pike with them. Mepps are great as are Blue Fox spinners. Somedays they will prefer spinners with a bucktail and other days a plain one will out produce. On the matter of color, it’s best to let the pike tell you which is better on a given day. I will go as far as to suggest silver blades on sunny days and either gold or copper on overcast days.

Good luck out there!

Jack Penny

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