Inline weights vs. Snap weights! What are the real disadvantages and advantages of each?


The big difference between in-line weights and Snap Weights is the action they put on your spinner. In-lines are run right ahead of your spinner with a 2 to 6 foot snell. When you get in waves, and the boat or boards are surging, the in-line weight will move up and down and the spinner will follow in its path quickly – an erratic action. With Snap Weights, you can put out any length leader you want (typically 25 to 50 feet). Now when the weight surges, the spinner follows slowly – an undulating action. Of course you can also run the Snap Weights on a short leader to get the erratic action.

Which is best? Let the walleyes tell you. I’ve seen days when one way out produces the other – but can’t say I can give exact conditions that dictate one over the other. I almost always start with 2 in-lines, 2 Snap Weights and go with the bites.

The beauty of the Off Shore Tackle OR20 Pro Weight System is that it gives you both styles of weights in one convenient package. The unique Pro Guppy Weights can be easily rigged as both in-line or snap-on style weights and come in a variety of sizes to fit any trolling scenario.

Good Walleye Fishing

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