Is the lss addition for my lowrance hds 5 worth the expenditure?

I use my Structure Scan in many situations. Most notably on the edge of composition transitions – rock to mud – weed to clean bottom, etc. Using the SideScan I could keep my boat just on the outside of these transitions and then run my lures right over the transition. With the SideScan I could see the rocks or weeds coming onto the screen and know to start turning out before I got right over them.

StructureScan was also nice for just seeing rocks or wood on the bottom that was silted in and not necessarily showing up on the conventional sonar screen.

The DownScan is really nice around any type of vegatation (new or old). It was nice to split the screen and see conventional sonar on one side and DownScan on the other. The downscan did a much better job of showing me weeds, trees, brush, etc – and even fish within that vegetation.

If you don’t have any structure or vegetation you need more details on, then probably not needed for you. Enjoy the new unit!

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