Is there a difference between hybrids and pure muskies when it comes to night fishing?

As far as conditions go, there really is no definite set of weather conditions that is better for night fishing. It’s not much different than day really … same stuff you hope for daytime and I like a little chop on the water. What makes me want to night fish is heavy (daytime) angling pressure directed at muskies. This seems to turn some into night feeders.

I do believe some strains of muskie are able to see better at night. It seems the spotted strains of muskie don’t feed quite as effectively as the natural strains we have in WI, but they do. I’ve been told through the years that northern don’t feed after dark — they do. I have little experience with hybrid muskies because we have few here (they are not stocked here), but I have caught two hybrid muskies after dark so I know they will feed then.

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