Is there a secret formula for tying crawler/spinner harnesses for big water like saginaw bay?

On big waters like the Great Lakes I tie spinners to catch big walleyes. Start with 17lb Vanish (flurocarbon). Tie a #4 Mustad Triple Grip on. Snell a #1 Mustad Big Red Beak Bait Hook 4 inches above that. Add an XPS spacer body (size large), a quick change clevis (larger size), and then a #4 to #6 blade (typically colorado). I like the holographic blades (Bass Pro XPS or Northland Baitfish Image Holographic).

For the Snap Weights, the new red clips come with a built in “pin” in the pads which helps prevent them from coming off. In either case make sure to put the line at least 3/4 of the way into the release. If you are using Fireline, make sure to wrap the line once around the release.

Good Walleye Fishing

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