Montana Has Small Bodies of Water besides Fort Peck

Early Summer Fish Location in North Dakota

Locations to Try on Lake Oahe Depending on Time of Year

Fort Peck Lake Trout Fall Location

Fort Peck Walleyes in the Weeds

Finding Post Spawn Walleyes on the Francis Case Reservior

How to Choose the Correct Crank Bait for Walleyes

Finding Shallow Water Lake Trout During the Spawn

Where to Target Sauger in the Bighorn Canyon in the Fall

How do you approach prefishing for a tournament on a reservoir, oahe or sakakawea,for instance?

Where should I look for muskies in a reservoir as opposed to a natural lake?

Shivering Summer Walleyes

Slip Bobbering

Playing the Spread for Early Summer Walleyes

Shoreline Casting for Reservoir Walleyes

Fishing Tip – Post Spawn Walleye Patterns on Western Reservoirs S11E05

Fishing Tip – Locating Walleyes on SD Reservoirs for Pitching S11E05

Pin-pointing Early Season Walleyes


Late Ice Fortunes

Prepping the Trolling Tools

Early Ice Walleyes – Cautious Aggression


Search the Weed Lines for First Ice Pike

“The 2 Minute Warning” for Walleye Success

Let’s Crank Up Some Walleyes!

Fall Back Walleyes

Jig Trolling for Finicky Fall Walleyes

Jig Trolling

Lay Over Walleyes

Puzzling Reservoir Walleyes


A Spin on Summer Walleye Patterns


Loading Up Walleyes


Power Trolling for Pike

Perfect Pitch for Early Summer Walleyes

Salmo Hornet.jpg

Pitch Count for Walleyes

Weighting for a Great Walleye Bite


The Final Frontier for Fishing


Walleyes are Walleyes; Hard Water or Soft!


Dead Sticking Revised


Icing Mid-Winter Walleyes

In Hot Water

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