What kind of pike did I catch?

You caught a pretty unique fish man. It’s a genetic variation in pike that shows up from time to time. It’s sometimes called a ‘blue pike’ or ‘silver pike,’ depending on who you ask. There are some lakes where they show up fairly frequently. There are a couple lakes in Minnesota that I ice fish that have quite a few of them (biggest I’ve caught is about 12 pounds) and some areas of Canada are known for them popping up once in a while. They can show up anywhere there’s pike, but outside a small handful of systems that have numbers of them they’re pretty rare, and even in lakes known for them, they’re still a tiny percentage of the pike population.

They are definitely a cool looking critter though. They can vary from silvery to almost blue. Definitley can cause some ‘what the hell is that…’ moments when you catch one. Hope you got some photos, because you may never catch another one…

Good fishing, and thanks for visiting “The Next Bite.”


Rob Kimm

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