What’s the best color of spinner blade to use for walleyes?

Like anything in walleye fishing, there are some “Rules-of-Thumb”, but with any Rule-of-Thumb, there are exceptions. My general Rules-of-Thumb go like this: If I’m fishing real clear water, I’ll stick with shiny blades … ones with a lot of flash, like hammered gold, hammered silver or maybe even hammered copper. Remember, in clear water, fish use their eye sight much more, looking for things like the glint coming off the scales of a baitfish. So stick with shiny blades in clear water.

When fishing dark, dingy or very deep water, I’ll often go with colored blades like chartruese, orange, or combination colors like Firetiger or Rainbow, where you have more bright colors. Even Glow-in-the-dark patterns can be real good in deep water.

Now with that being said, my favorite blades are the holographic patterns, because they combine both flash and color, so no matter what the situation, I’ve got a color of blade that is likely to attract walleyes. Probably my #1 “go-to” blade color is one called Rainbow Chub which has blue, pink and white, along with the holographics that make it really shine.

So when you’re trying to choose the right spinner blade, use those rules of thumb, but remember … you never know what a walleye’s thinking, and you never know what he’s going to bite, so experiment to find the best color for that day.

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