What are some good color and sizes of soft baits for catching walleyes in stained water in early spring?

For stained water, often the brighter colors will work better. Studies have shown that walleyes can see greens (like chartreuse) and orange the best, so that would be my first two choices. In the Gulp! Minnow Grub, there are several bright colors available including a great looking Chartreuse and Fluorescent Orange. This style bait also has a curl tail which will displace some water as it is jigged and will also attract fish in dirty water. I would stick with the 2 inch version unless you are fishing for a lot of 4 lber’s plus, then go to the 3″ size.

Another choice for stained water is to bulk up your presentation so it displaces more water. Something as simple as putting a piece of a tail on the jig before adding live bait can make a big difference. With any of the Gulp! (or Power Bait) products you also get the added attraction of scent.

Good Walleye Fishing

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