What’s the rule-of-thumb for setting the drag on a reel used to jig big walleyes?

Several factors come into play when considering how to set the drag for catching bigger-than-average walleyes:

  • The type and pound test of line
  • The length and action of the rod used
  • How good (smooth) the drag is on the reel being used

For the type of jigging you are talking about I use 8lb Berkley NanoFil, a medium light action rod (6 ft Bass Pro Shops Walleye Angler Signature Series model (WL60MLJS) and a quality reel like the Bass Pro Shops Carbon Lite series which has a very and durable drag.

I set the drag so that I hear the drag pullout a little on a solid hook set. If it’s a big fish, I try to get to back reeling as quick as possible.


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