Equipment Needed To Fish Hair Jigging

Equipment for Casting Crank Baits

Adjusting Cadence based on the Mood of the Fish

Keith Kavajecz explains Bass Pro Shops Walleye Angler Series Trolling Rods.

Bass Pro Shops Walleye Angler Rods

Keith Kavajecz Jig Set for Walleye Fishing

Fishing Tip: Equipment for Rigging Big Minnows

Fishing Tip: Equipment for Casting Crankbaits

Fishing Tip: Keith’s Pick For the Best Rod

Fishing Tip: Casting Shiver Minnow Cadence

Early Spring Pike Equipment

What size and action rod do you suggest to use for planerboards?

What characteristics make a good spinning rod and reel outfit for walleye fishing?

What are the best baitcasting outfits for walleye fishing?

What would be a good trolling rod and reel combo for catching both walleye and salmon?

What action rod should I use for trolling walleyes?

Where can I get some good live bait rigging rods with fast tips?

What’s a good rod and reel combo for river jigging walleyes?

What characteristics should I consider when choosing a rod for walleye trolling?

What length and action of spinning rod and what line is best for live bait rigging walleyes?

What’s the rule-of-thumb for setting the drag on a reel used to jig big walleyes?

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Fishing Tip – Fishing with Swimbaits and Crankbaits S12E02

Fishing Tip – Lead Core Trolling with a Heavy Ball S11E09

Fishing Tip Bass Pro Shops Walleye Angler Series Rods S11E11

Fishing Tip – Fishing for Walleye in Heavy Timber Cover S10E07

Fishing Tip – Deep Clear Water Jig Techniques S10E01

Cold Nights and Hot River Walleye Bites

Fishing Tip – Setting Up Right to Troll Lead Core on Contours – The Next Bite Season #9 Episode #11

Fishing Tip – Getting Set-Up for Leadcore Fishing for Walleyes – The Next Bite Season #9 Episode #10

“Summer Breeze” Walleyes

Skinny-Water Cranking for Walleyes!

Gearing Up for Night Walleye Jig Bite – Real Deal Tip-RD912


Late Fall Walleyes; Rigging vs Jigging

Gearing Up for Trolling Spinnerbaits in the Timber – Season #8 – The Real Deal

Trolling Small for Early Walleyes

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