When ice fishing for walleyes, when should I set tip-ups, and when should I concentrate on jigging?


To me, tip-ups and jigging go hand in hand. It all revolves around maximizing my efforts on the ice. Having as many lines in the water at one single time while chasing walleyes – I am maximized!! And, along the same notion, I maximize my efforts to use each line as beneficial as possible to a plan of attack for the piece of structure I might be fishing that particular day.

Flats fishing – here I am looking for slight variables in the flat. A depression, a slight rise or maybe a patch of sandgrass. It’s the little things, and each little thing I find I am going to set either a tip-up on or myself to jig up a fish or two.

Structure fishing – Breaks, underwater points or reefs. Now we want to strategically use all our lines to cover different depths and different parts of the structure. For myself, I am always looking for turns, cups and points with-in each of these different structures. After finding them, I set the traps and then run and gun from hole to hole searching for fish with my jig stick.

Good ICE Fishing

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