Planer Board Rigging

Artificial Tails for Cold River Walleyes


Late Ice Fortunes

Prepping the Trolling Tools

Choose the Right Line for Finesse Ice Fishing

When Big Fish Happen to Panfish People


Walleye on the Edge

Double Your Ice Fishing Success!

Triggering Finicky Winter-Ice Walleyes

When Panfish Behave Badly

Early Ice Walleyes – Cautious Aggression

How to Pick a Good Lake

Observations on the Ice Walleye Scene

Stop Trying to Feel Bites!

A Walleye Fishing Gift-List

“The 2 Minute Warning” for Walleye Success

Basin Bump Gills

Locating Fall Walleyes on Big Water


Try “S” Turns for Walleye Trolling

Let’s Crank Up Some Walleyes!

Fall Back Walleyes


Kavajecz Casts to a Win at NWT Escanaba

Lay Over Walleyes

Puzzling Reservoir Walleyes


A Spin on Summer Walleye Patterns


Loading Up Walleyes


Power Trolling for Pike

Chub Rigging for Deep Summer Walleyes

Perfect Pitch for Early Summer Walleyes

Salmo Hornet.jpg

Pitch Count for Walleyes

Weighting for a Great Walleye Bite

Choosing the Right Walleye Jigging Line

Heavy Metal for Heavy Current Walleyes!

AIM2013-YV8A7630 copy.jpg

Tournament Day – When Walleyes go into Hiding


Tip Your Jig with Two Minnows

Spool Up New Line for the New Season


The Beast

Open Season Walleyes


Cutting Edge Boat Rigging – Bow to Stern

Off-Season Crankbait Maintenance

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