Are jigs good muskie baits in the spring?

Checking Your Engine’s Lower Unit Gear Lube

Boat Rigging Wire Connections

How do I keep my rods from tangling?

How much weight does it take to get cranks down deep?

Is a 24 volt trolling motor enough for a large walleye boat?

How do your prepare for a fishing tournament?

Does leadcore line have applications on shallow basin lakes like winnebago in wisconsin?

What difference does a unit’s wattage play in its ability to help me find fish?

How much mono backing do I use before filling my reels with fireline for trolling?

How can I prevent my crawler harness’s from twisting up when trolling them?

What size triple grip hooks to use on harnesses?

Are fluorocarbon lines better protection against zebra muscles?

How do you find fish on a new body of water?

Where can I get some good live bait rigging rods with fast tips?

Will removing split-rings from my crankbaits and attaching line directly give them better action?

For vertical jigging what is the best weight to use?

What is the best fishing method for deep rocks?

Why do you think more muskies are missed on buzzbaits compared to spinnerbaits?

Should I go with a 3-blade or 4-blade prop for my boat engine?

What’s the best color of spinner blade to use for walleyes?

Do you use colored hooks on your nightcrawler harnesses?

How fast do you pull a bottom bouncer and spinner when fishing on structure?

What’s the key to early season muskies in wisconsin?

Northland’s Boobie Trap in the lifelike green tinsel LIVE-FORAGE Whitefish pattern. Photo courtesy of Northland Fishing Tackle

A question about trolling spinnerbaits for muskies.

Is snell length critical when pulling crawler harnesses in open water?

How long do you work an area without any success before you move on?

Need help catching lake erie summer walleyes.

Have you ever used a crankbait as your drop weight from your planner board when trolling spinners in open water?

A question on jig color for deep water walleyes.

Should I use mono or fireline for pulling bouncers over rocks?

Will the slow death technique work with berkley power bait?

When you use a long lead on a harness to a snap weight, do good hooksets begin to be a problem?

Do you fish for tiger muskies any differently than pure muskies?

Can a person locate walleye while using their gas motor without spooking the fish?

Do you segment the leadcore for open water trolling?

When fishing a fairly clear shallow lake, how close to the boat can you pull a bottom bouncer/spinner or bottom bouncer and rig and still expect to get bit?

What length of fluorocarbon leader should I use on spinners?

How do you know what your trolling depths are when you deviate from the 50/50 method?

Do I load a backing onto the reel before I load the lead core?

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